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Various Causes of Back Pain in Children and How to Overcome It

Does Mother often hear your child often complain of back pain? There are various possible causes of back pain in children. In addition to recognizing the cause, there are several ways you can do to prevent and overcome back pain in children. Back pain is a common health disorder and may be experienced by everyone, including children. Especially children who have entered the active age of school. This is often caused by a bag that is too heavy or a sports injury. Causes of Back Pain in Children The following are some of the possible causes of back pain in children: 1. Bags that are too heavy A school bag that is too heavy gives the child extra weight. This is one of the most common causes of back pain in children. 2. Wrong sitting position Even though it looks simple, the sitting position can affect the structure of the spine. In addition, it can also affect how the spine supports body weight. If your child sits for a long time in the wrong position, for example bending or t
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Causes of Stains on the Teeth and How to Overcome them

Everyone must expect to have white teeth, to look charming when smiling. Maintaining clean teeth and mouth is the main key so that your teeth are healthy and look white. However, what if there are stains in the form of brown spots or yellowish teeth? Stains on teeth can make you reluctant to smile broadly. Maybe you are wondering, where did this stain come from and how to get rid of it? Come, see the following explanation. Causes of Stains on the Teeth Stains on teeth (stain) can be an early sign of cavities, where there has been loss in the outer layer of teeth. Stains on teeth can also arise due to poor hygiene and dental health. The following are various causes of the appearance of stains on teeth: 1. Drink coffee or tea Both of these drinks contain dark colored substances, which if continuously hits the outer layer of teeth, will leave stains on the teeth. Stains will form more quickly if you don't regularly brush your teeth twice a day. 2. Smoking Nicotine and tar co

Full-blooded Face to Treat Migraine and Sinusitis

Migraine and sinusitis can not only be treated with medical treatment, but also helped with traditional full-blooded facial therapy. Check out how to do it and its benefits for your health. Totok or acupressure is one of the traditional treatment techniques to treat diseases, improve health conditions, relaxation, and improve blood circulation. This therapy has even been practiced for thousands of years in China. When ditotok, some points on our bodies will be massaged or pressed using the fingers, palms, elbows, or feet of the masseuse. In the process, sometimes special tools are needed to help with treatment. There are hundreds of pressure points all over the human body, and some of these points are on the face. When doing facial massage or full-blooded at specific points, then certain diseases are believed to soon subside and heal. For example, migraine and sinusitis. Relieve Migraines with Full-Face To relieve migraines or headaches, you can do full-blooded facial movements a